Periodic Table Webquest

Welcome to the Periodic Table Webquest! There are 4 tasks to complete in this webquest. If you need help, just talk to your instructor who will be more that willing to help!


Task 1 Periodic Table Video

Check out this introductory animation and make notes in your learning journal about what you learned.

You may need to watch it twice


Task 2 Flash Me!

  1. For this part, print out the Answer Sheet for Task 2.
  2. Read the instructions
  3. and click on the image below to start the animation



Task 3 The Classic

Now that you know a little bit about the trends of the periodic table, this next one should be a breeze.

I call it the classic webquest. Click here for the Answer Sheet





Task 4 I want to be Mendeleev!

Well here is your chance. In this simulation, you will try to be like medeleev and put the elements of the periodic table in order using experimental data. If you need help, check following help sheets or you can ask your instructor:

Click on the chart to start downloading the activity

Try the help sheets:

Quick clicks

Teachers Guide (for teachers only)

Teaching tools


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